The structure of MJDF 

The MJDF consists of a Part 1 and Part 2 examination. Candidates will normally be allowed a maximum of five years in which to complete both parts, but will need to pass Part 1 before progressing to Part 2. To view the new syllabus click here.

As the exams build upon the knowledge gained in your BDS degree and foundation training, dentists usually elect to take the MJDF in the early stages of their career, where skills and knowledge are still fresh from your finals, yet you also have some practice experience which you can relate to.

Part 1 examination

Success in part 1 indicates that you have retained the knowledge and skills of your undergraduate training, but that your knowledge has expanded and kept pace with developments in dentistry which have occurred since graduation.

  • Part 1 consists of one paper assessing knowledge and applied knowledge. This includes 150 Single Best Answer (SBA) questions within a single three-hour paper. The questions carry equal marks. The examination is not negatively marked and there are no trick questions.
  • Specimen questions can be found in the Information for Candidates

Part 2 examination

Part 2 is designed to assess your ability to apply relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to practice. Success in part 2 leads to election into ‘full’ membership of the dental faculties.

  • Part 2 is in the form of a structured professional skills assessment exercises comprising 14 stations, 11 of which will be assessed and three will be preparatory, within a single circuit. The circuit will assess communication skills, clinical skills and clinical reasoning skills. Candidates will be required to attain a single minimum standard for the circuit to pass the examination.
  • For more information about the new Part 2 examination read the Part 2 FAQs.
  • Specimen questions can be found in the Information for Candidates

Following successful completion of Part 1, you are eligible for a 10% discount on the UK Part 2 exam fee.