The structure of MJDF 

The MJDF consists of a Part 1 and Part 2 examination. Candidates will normally be allowed a maximum of five years in which to complete all parts, but will need to pass Part 1 before progressing to Part 2. To view the new syllabus click here.

Part 1 examination

  • Part 1 consists of one paper assessing knowledge and applied knowledge. This includes 150 Single Best Answer (SBA) questions within a single three-hour paper. The questions carry equal marks. The examination is not negatively marked and there are no trick questions.
  • Specimen questions can be found in the Information for Candidates

Part 2 examination

  • Part 2 is in the form of a structured professional skills assessment exercises comprising 14 stations, 11 of which will be assessed and three will be preparatory, within a single circuit. The circuit will assess communication skills, clinical skills and clinical reasoning skills. Candidates will be required to attain a single minimum standard for the circuit to pass the examination.
  • For more information about the new Part 2 examination read the Part 2 FAQs.
  • Specimen questions can be found in the Information for Candidates

10% discount is applied for the Part 2 examination following completion of Part 1.