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MJDF Part 2 preparatory course – 1st-3rd Feb 18 – Cairo

This three-day course provides in-depth coverage of all major areas of the MJDF Part 2 examination syllabus. The course will be delivered by lecturers from the Dental Faculties of the Royal College of Surgeons, all of whom have experience of the MJDF exam and have been involved in the teaching and training of dental postgraduate students in the United Kingdom and overseas. The lectures will address key areas of postgraduate dentistry specifically contextualised in relation to the MJDF Part 2, including:

• Heath and disease
• Medical emergency
• Oral medicine
• Oral surgery
• Paediatric dentistry
• Radiology
• Restorative dentistry
• Clinical communication.

Each of the three days will end will end with an interactive session to enable participants to discuss the day’s content in an examination-specific context. There will also be an opportunity to discuss examination technique and common issues identified by MJDF examiners. Click here for further information.

Part 2 Mock Exam: NEW DATE Saturday 17th March 2018, Glasgow

The Part 2 examination of the MJDF rigorously tests the day-to-day knowledge and skills of candidates and can be a daunting experience for many. To prepare you, FGDP(UK) Scotland runs a mock day which replicates exam conditions and provides invaluable feedback to aid your studies.

FGDP(UK) Scotland’s Part 2 Mock Exam Day will be held on Saturday 17th March 2018 at the Novotel Hotel in Glasgow and precedes the examination in May.  The day follows the exam format in providing structured professional skills assessment exercises at stations, the majority of which will be assessed and three are preparatory, within a single circuit. Tutors will assesses your communication skills, clinical skills and clinical reasoning skills. Candidates will then be given general feedback on their performances with an emphasis on understanding the standards necessary to pass the examination with tips on how to approach a wide range of potential exam scenarios.

The Mock Exam Day is included in our tuition group’s schedule but is open to anyone who holds Part 1 of the MJDF or MFDS and is taking Part 2 of the MJDF qualification. If you would like to gain the best possible preparation for the exam and would like to sit the mock exam and receive feedback, please contact Andrew Miller at