December 2020

Joint statement on MJDF part 2 exam

Following careful consideration, the decision has been taken not to run further diets of the MJDF Part 2 Examination.

The Joint Management Board (JMB) of the MJDF had discussed at length the different options for candidates prior to its planned end in June 2021. However, the ongoing uncertainty caused by the challenge of COVID-19 means the exam must end immediately. The practical nature of the MJDF Part 2 examination means that remote delivery is not possible without significant changes to the assessment and syllabus coverage.

Candidates who have attained their MJDF Part 1 and wish to complete a qualification will have the opportunity to sit the MFDS Part 2, which will run in February 2021 (the application window is now closed) and June 2021. Both diets will be delivered remotely, offering resilience to the examinations in light of ongoing uncertainty around restrictions on travel and congregation in the first half of 2021.

Both Faculties are aware that some candidates did not apply for the MFDS Part 2 in February, preferring to await the return of MJDF Part 2, which we had hoped would only be delayed and not cancelled. We sympathise with those candidates and regret that the uncertainty around COVID-19 has continued longer than we had hoped, making it impossible to plan any further MJDF Part 2 examination diets.

We would like to assure all our candidates that the decision to stop running this examination was reached after long and careful thought and with the best interests of our candidates in mind. By taking the MFDS Part 2, which can be run online, candidates are protected from the risk of last-minute cancellations of face-to-face assessments. Moreover, the Faculties have worked together to find a way in which candidates passing MFDS Part 2 can be offered the same joint membership options as they would have enjoyed if passing MJDF Part 2.

As with the November 2020 diet, candidates who are successful in taking MFDS Part 2 in either February or June – having previously passed MJDF Part 1 – will have the option of gaining joint membership of both Faculties, or of joining either Faculty. The post-nominals for successful candidates who are admitted to joint membership will continue to be MFDS (RCSEng) MFGDP(UK). The post-nominals for successful candidates electing to join one or other Faculty would be those of that Faculty alone.

The MJDF has been a very important membership examination for the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and an area of great collaboration between its two dental Faculties. The Faculties are very grateful to past and present Board members, examiners and question-writers for their time and commitment in contributing to the examination’s successful evolution over time, ensuring that dentists in the UK and beyond could attain a widely respected qualification to recognise their knowledge, skills and behaviours within the framework of the dental foundation training curriculum.

Previous announcements:

In March 2020, in agreement with the 4 surgical Royal Colleges, it was agreed that we would be postponing all exams and courses as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. This included MJDF exams.

In November 2019, the Joint Dental Faculties of The Royal College of Surgeons of England announced plans to replace MJDF with new programmes of assessment. The announcement is available here. The Royal College of Surgeons of England, the Faculty of Dental Surgery and the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) are fully committed to supporting the MJDF, and maintaining examination development to ensure the quality of the MJDF, throughout its final diets.