MJDF – No other examination is as relevant to your career in dentistry

The Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties (MJDF) examination is run by the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) (FGDP(UK)) and the Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS (RCS Eng)). It is set at a similar standard to the membership exams of the other Royal Colleges and faculties, and forms an important and significant part of a dentist’s career pathway.

  • It’s the only examination of its type that recognises primary care in dentistry and tests you on the skills and knowledge you actually use in practice
  • Skills that bridge the divide between primary and secondary care are tested, making the MJDF a good step to specialism
  • The MJDF has grown its reputation within the profession as the marker of successful completion of Dental Foundation Training

Two faculties for less than the price of one

Upon passing successful completion of the MJDF you can become a ‘full’ member of the two dental faculties for less than the price of a single membership for the next six years. This means dedicated support in primary care dentistry from the FGDP(UK) and in secondary care from the FDS.  Alternatively, depending on your career direction, you can choose to join just one of the faculties.

You can find out about the benefits of FGDP(UK) membership here and FDS here. Your affiliation with the faculties demonstrates your commitment to your profession, your career and the upholding of the highest standards of dental care.

Why I chose MJDF

“As I knew I wanted to complete further university-based postgraduate education in the future, MJDF was the first port of call.”
Nick Powrie, BDS (Ncle) MJDF,  Associate Dental Surgeon

“The MJDF is a valuable qualification for all young dentists. It’s relevant for development in general practice but also useful if considering application for specialty training. Furthermore, the benefits of the MJDF qualification continue long after the exam and include access to helpful publications as well as regular divisional study days.”

Dr Reena Wadia, BDS Hons (Lond) MJDF, Associate Dentist